Vidcoder Women in Tech profile: The perfection of the pursuit - Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos

There are so many female leaders in the tech space who we look up to here at Vidcode.  The numbers may be small statistically, but the quality is outstanding.  Watching this interview with Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO and founder of Theranos, I'm awestruck.  The title of this post is "the perfection of the pursuit".  Elizabeth mentions that, "Many people speak about the pursuit of perfection, but to me, it's the perfection in the pursuit."  

I highly recommend watching the full interview.

It's also interesting to note how one's personal afflictions can inspire a company.  Holmes, and her mother & grandmother, have an aversion to needles.  Theranos is a pinprick, low-cost, blood test that can diagnose many diseases early on - such as diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

Fun fact: she wears a daily uniform of a black suit and turtleneck.  We at Vidcode love the idea of self-declared work uniforms (what's your favorite shirt?  buy 5 of them!) to save time in the morning and relieve spending any mental energy on what to wear to a job/ daily activity.  More time to think about code and friends :)!

Holmes is working on building a suite of "consumer health technology" products that will revolutionize patients control of their own healthcare.  Can't wait for a world with more female CEOs.