Creative Coding I & II for Middle School

2 semesters, online or blended class

This course is an introduction to the integration of Computer Science and Visual arts that teaches students JavaScript (a web programming language) through creativity and collaboration.

Classes and curriculum for grades 6 through 8 available.


Designed with the diverse community of online learners in mind, students learn beginner through advanced JavaScript, object-oriented programming and digital design through self-guided, project-oriented learning.  Students of all backgrounds, interests, and ability levels develop their artistic literacy through national arts standards aligned, online curriculum centered on creating, producing and responding to their own work and that of other students in their online course.  On the design, creation, and production side, students gain skills in concept development, storyboarding and video production.

As students interact with peers via a secure online class community, they learn to evaluate and analyze creative coding projects.  This unique experience allows students to understand and analyze the code behind exemplar projects to gain ideas and built upon their own work.  At the discretion of the teacher, students are also encouraged to evaluate, critique, and provide suggestions to build upon and enhance other project examples through both a computer science and coding perspective as well as from a visual and artistic standpoint.


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